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Welcome to Main Street Garage

We Specialize In All Makes And Models


Let’s face it, auto repair is a hassle. Our job is to take the hassle out of the auto repair experience. No matter what you drive, we have a solution for you. We’re happy to do a quick service while you wait in our beautiful art gallery sponsored by Pomona Valley Artists Association, while sipping on a hot or cold beverage on us. Got a bigger job or in a hurry, no problem, we’ll get you going in one our free loan cars. Clean and ready to go…that’s how we roll! Got a bigger job on an unusual vehicle we may not handle, no problem, we’ll get you to one of our repair affiliates in our neighborhood. Between us and our network of automotive professionals, you’re in great hands at Toyotech!


The Problem?

toyotech-homepage-2You have a noise, a squeak, a rattle, a smell, or a dash warning lamp. You call the dealer. They can’t get to you today. You make an appointment and drive to an inconvenient location, wait in line for the next service guy, just to tell you that it is going to cost you $143.00 to check your car out. At Toyotech, diagnostic is usually free. I call us the “Car Whisperer”. We can communicate with your car’s computer. It will usually give us an indicator of what the problem could be. We then can give you a range of what the cost might be. Can’t afford it right now? No problem, we can wait until the time is right for you. Maybe not in our area of expertise? No problem, because we have a group of local automotive practitioners that can fix nearly anything. No pressure, no hassle, no problem!


Make an Appointment, or Just Show Up!

Rattles, squeaks, check engine lights don’t make appointments to happen, why should you need one at your repair shop?


What Kind of Cars Do We Repair?

Big cars, small cars, Toyotas, old cars, new cars, blue cars, Chevys, Nissans, Pick up trucks, red cars, Fords, ugly cars, classic cars, white cars, brown cars, vans, station wagons, imported cars, black cars, purple cars, sport utility cars, Lexus, Scion, and brown cars. I call these “Mainstream ” vehicles, which includes most cars you see on the road today. I consider us today as a general practitioner of automobiles. Size, color, and origin matter less these days than ever. When I diagnose your vehicle and determine that you need a specialist, I will make the necessary referral. And he will be a local independent and trustworthy fellow. When I refer you out, you still get to use our free loan car until yours is completed. Toyotech. Your One Thought Auto Repair Shop! Determined to keep you in our network of trustworthy automotive practitioners.

Free Diagnosis and a Free Loan Car?

What does free diagnosis mean?

When you discover a squeak, a warning lamp on the dash, a rattle, or a smell, just bring it in for a free look over. We’ll plug into it, or road test with you and do our best to identify the problem and give you some kind of idea of cost. We know you may not have the money right now. We’ll do our best to help you determine the best repair plan for your situation.

Free Loan Car? Yup…that’s right! We have a fleet of small, clean and reliable cars waiting to take you home or wherever you want to go. Some restrictions do apply, so best to call in advance.